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What is a fair amount and length of spousal maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is probably one of the hardest areas to give advice in family law. Unlike child support, which can be mathematically calculated down to the penny, spousal maintenance is based on a number of factors and considerations, some certain and some subjective. The age of the parties, income differences, years of marriage, education, health of parties and lifestyle during marriage are some, but not all, of the factors that a judge would have to look at and consider.

Enforcement of Spousal Support - Arizona Remedies

After reaping the effective services of a local Arizona spousal support attorney, you hold in hand a legitimate spousal maintenance order. But what happens when the passage of time renders the power of the order null and worthless. Monthly payments fail to arrive on time. Occasionally the funds fail to show up at all. Contacting the Arizona Division of Child Support (DCSS) offers no help. Unless a child support order is included in the spousal maintenance settlement, the DCSS has no authority to enforce spousal support. You are on your own.