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Joint Bank Accounts and Divorce in Arizona

We get a lot of questions from clients about what they should do with their bank accounts both before they file for divorce or legal separation and after they file. One of the concerns raised is whether the other spouse will clear out all of the money in a bank account. Some people want to know if they should clear out all of the money in the bank accounts before the other spouse does it.

Should You Change Your Last Name After Divorce?

In western society, either party can take the other's last name when they marry, take a new name or hyphenate their names. Yet it is most common for women to take the last name of their husband. When marriage ends in divorce, many women wonder if they should change their last name back to their maiden name or not.

Enforcement of Spousal Support - Arizona Remedies

After reaping the effective services of a local Arizona spousal support attorney, you hold in hand a legitimate spousal maintenance order. But what happens when the passage of time renders the power of the order null and worthless. Monthly payments fail to arrive on time. Occasionally the funds fail to show up at all. Contacting the Arizona Division of Child Support (DCSS) offers no help. Unless a child support order is included in the spousal maintenance settlement, the DCSS has no authority to enforce spousal support. You are on your own.

Can Text Messages Be Subpoenaed for Divorce in Arizona?

Getting divorced in Arizona is fairly simple, especially if both of you agree that you need to go through with the marriage dissolution. Arizona is a no-fault state, which means you don't have to prove one party or the other is responsible for the end of the marriage.

Marijuana Use and Child Custody Battles in Arizona

When a person is going through a divorce or separation, there are so many things that happen at once that it can all be overwhelming. However, few things become more emotional and stressful during a divorce than issues surrounding a couple's minor children.