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How does property division work in an Arizona divorce?

Divorce is a complex process that can lead to difficult feelings, especially over issues pertaining to property division. If you are facing the prospect of a complex divorce process, it is beneficial to learn about how courts deal with the division of all marital property and debt when a couple decides to end their marriage. 

Do you know your child custody options?

For Arizona parents, child custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. It is not easy to go from living with your child to sharing parenting time, but with patience and a clear understanding of your rights and options, it may be possible to secure a custody and visitation plan that allows you to retain a strong role in the life of your child. 

Should you collaborate instead of litigate?

For some Arizona couples, a complex and litigious divorce is not the only option. While the end of a marriage will certainly be difficult, there are ways by which you can bypass some complications and move on toward your post-divorce future in a more peaceful, productive manner. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing a collaborative divorce. 

Co-parenting begins with a mutual plan

Despite that your marriage is ending, you and your spouse have made the mature and practical decision to cooperate in forming a parenting plan that will benefit both of you as well as your children. Difficult as it may be to divide the time with your children, you understand how important it is for their well-being to have as much time with both of you as possible.