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December 2019 Archives

What Does Divorce & Social Media Have In Common?

There are many reasons people seek a divorce. One of the reasons that experts have studied and verified is that there seems to be a correlation between the number of hours per day that a person stays on social media and the rate of divorce. They are quick to add that this is just a part of the reason for divorce, not the whole reason.

What to do when your child doesn't want to see your co-parent

You have primary custody of your child, and your co-parent has visitation rights that are detailed in your custody and visitation agreement. However, when it's time for your child to go to your co-parent's home, they resist. Depending on their age, they may throw a temper tantrum or simply refuse to go.

Can Child Support Arrears Be Discharged by Bankruptcy?

Too often we see instances of a parent who owes past due child support. Some prefer to look at it as a "missed payment" (or missed payments) while others simply see it as an obligation they couldn't meet during certain months, but when court ordered child support is not paid, this is not an issue that is easily dismissed. In many cases, the missed payment or two quickly snowballs into a major debt. This is the point at which parents behind on their child support start hearing phrases like "child support arrears" and "enforcement of the court order." Rather than go through the family court, some in this situation may consider solving their problem through bankruptcy. They assume that if they feel that they can't afford to pay their child support payments, any arrearage will be able to discharged along with the rest of their debt through the bankruptcy process. This is a delusion that may cause parents behind on their child support payments to fall even more behind.