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Can you predict divorce based on personality?

Divorce can happen to any one for any reason. Though some people feel ashamed for ending their marriage, it is a common event and one that is often the best choice for everyone involved. It can give both spouses a chance to begin again and find true happiness.

Some people say that they could see the end of their marriage coming, but others report being blindsided. If you talk to some divorced people here in Arizona, they may say something like "if only I could have predicted this." Experts say that there are certain personality traits that make a couple more likely to end their marriage. This information may help you if you're considering divorce.

Easily hurt feelings

The first potential personality problem in a marriage stems from those who overreact to situations. If your partner is the type to take a small problem and blow it out of proportion, it can wear on a marriage over time. Sometimes, this personality trait couples with anxiety or depression and leads a person to file for divorce on multiple occasions.

Another related issue pertains to those that have severe insecurities. If your partner gets his or her ego easily bruised, he or she may even look outside of the marriage to feel more confident. Those who need constant reassurance may try to find it somewhere other than in their spouse.

Being kind to hide something else

Though being in a marriage with someone who is giving to the point of compulsion doesn't seem like a problem, it can be. Some people are so giving because they actually want to distance themselves from their partner and maintain control. The problem eventually leads to the person doing the caring assuming that the other person in the relationship has nothing to offer in return.

Similarly, people who avoid arguments may seem like a dream come true, but there are times that it's important for couples to fight. If they don't, they may end up avoiding issues that can later lead to divorce. Fighting effectively can help two people communicate better and work through problems.

Thinking only of themselves

It's probably a no-brainer that people who are narcissistic have trouble maintaining romantic relationships. They don't take responsibility for their actions and tend to blame the other person involved for whatever is wrong. This means there is no way for them to fix a problem because they won't even acknowledge that one exists.

People who are selfish also have a difficult time staying married. It's not always bad for people to put their own needs first, even in a marriage, but if it happens all the time, it's a big problem. Selfishness can lead to resentment in the other person.

What can we conclude?

Even if none of these traits are true for your partner, you may still decide that divorce is right for you. You are not alone, even if it feels that way at times. Hold on to the fact that you deserve the best life possible, and divorce might be the way to achieve that.

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