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June 2019 Archives

Mediation a smart choice for divorcing couples in Arizona

Divorce is one of the most exhausting experiences that one can go through during the course of life. This is because separation often comes with its own set of challenges, which lead many couples to end up at loggerheads. Considering how divorce proceedings can easily turn bitter, separating couples may choose to spend some time to think about a divorce through mediation.

Protect Yourself During a Divorce in Arizona

It is an unfortunate reality that many happy marriages end with a contested divorce. It is important for anyone going through a divorce to learn about protecting yourself during a divorce in Arizona. We will provide with some practical information on how you can protect yourself during a divorce in Arizona.

Arizona High-Conflict Custody Cases

Divorce can be one of the most stressful losses a person can experience. It can be difficult, because it is an end to a relationship and a transition into a new life. In fact, divorce is considered more stressful than going to jail or losing a family member. When a separation involves a spouse with a high-conflict personality, the events can be devastating.