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Struggling to decide if it's time to divorce

There are few things in life that are truly worth fighting for, and your marriage may be one of them. If you and your spouse have been struggling to get along, you may have tried many things to break through whatever walls are between you. If the advice of friends, personal reflection and marital counseling have not moved things in the right direction, you may be wondering if this is the end.

Rushing into divorce is rarely a wise move, especially if you have children together and financial obligations. However, if your efforts have exhausted you with little progress, it is probably time to take a serious look at the option of calling it quits.

Signs your marriage is over

If you are having marital problems, you know how it affects every aspect of your life. You may be losing sleep, making mistakes on the job, snapping at your friends and feeling your health decline. Because you have invested so much into your family, you may be putting off making a decision about divorce, perhaps waiting for a definitive sign that it is the right thing to do. Many couples take these situations and others as indicators that it is time to file for divorce:

  • Feelings of emptiness and indifference toward your spouse
  • Inability to forgive transgressions
  • Hopelessness about the future
  • Lack of affection, intimacy and joy

You may also be receiving harsh treatment from your spouse, whether through stonewalling, disrespect, or more serious issues such as infidelity, substance abuse or violence. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should waste no time finding a safe way to leave for your protection and the safety of your children. There are many resources available in Arizona to assist you.

However, your situation may be less severe, which may make it more difficult to make a decision about whether to keep trying or file for divorce. Before making such a monumental and life-changing decision, it is important to have some calm and stress-free time to think it through. You may wish to seek the counsel of a legal professional to help you understand all your options and make an informed decision about your future.

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