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Divorce Do's & Don'ts

The following is a list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" which, if followed, will save you from a lot of headaches in the future. Because you are already reading this website, you are well on your way to making an informed and educated decision regarding your Divorce in Arizona or other Family Law matters. Now take the next step and call Steven E. Sufrin to set up a free initial consultation today!

Making Your Divorce Easier

Going through the divorce process is an emotional, stressful time in a person's life, which is even made even more difficult when the divorce is a "bad" one. According to one counselor and mental health consultant, Diana Dodson, divorcing couples need to learn how to have a more amenable divorce, especially when there are children involved. Dr. Dodson states that it is difficult for divorcing couples to not have feelings of anger, getting even with the ex-spouse, blaming the spouse for the marriage problems, not accepting responsibility for the marriage break-up, denying problems exist, putting children in the middle, feeling like a failure or feeling rejected.

Arizona Family Law Legislation Update

We have three changes in Arizona family law to report. Two bills were recently signed into law and the Arizona Child Support Guidelines have been revised. Take a look at what's new half-way into 2018.

Co-parenting is already challenging enough without holiday stress

If you have children, the holidays are probably a busy time of year. Holiday parties, pageants and other activities keep you and the other parent hopping. The whirlwind of activity probably begins the moment you start planning your Thanksgiving meal.

All of this could provide a great deal of stress for any family, but you and your ex-spouse may still be working on a way to co-parent amicably and sometimes struggle to keep this relationship intact. This means extra stress for you and the other parent as you try to work through it all while providing the kids with a joyous and fun holiday season.


Take the Needed Time: Many children of blended families have survived a painful divorce or seperation. So have their parents, and if there is an attempt to get a blended family settled, then at least one of their parents has survived the aftermath of divorce and found a new relationship. In this circumstance, it's often tempting to rush into a new marriage and blend two families without a lot of preparatory work or simply time. If you remember to take your time, you will find that it's easier for everyone to grow accustomed to each other as well as grow accustomed to the idea of the new marriage.

What is Gray Divorce?

o-gray-divorce.gif Baby boomers are ending their marriages at record rates, according to new data from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). The AAML polled its 1,600 members and found that among the respondents, 61 percent said they have seen an increase in divorce cases among the over-50 set, with 22 percent reporting that wives initiate the splits most often.  In a press release, Alton Abramowitz, president of the AAML, explained the significance of their findings. "Baby Boomers have regularly been catalysts for social change and getting divorced in their later years appears to be one of the most recent trends," Abramowitz said. "Alimony, business interests, and retirement accounts certainly represent some of the main concerns that need to be addressed and settled for spouses facing the end of their marriages in this over 50-year-old age group."
Also known as a "gray divorce," ending a marriage after 50 can be more financially burdensome than divorcing at a younger age, particularly because social security benefits and retirement funds come into play. And even though the national divorce rate has dropped in recent years, the divorce rate among baby boomers has nearly doubled, according to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University. 

Establishing Paternity in Arizona

Establishing Paternity

Paternity means the condition of being a father. Establishing paternity means to establish a legal father for a child. When the parents are not married it is important that paternity be legally established.