When Can Child Support Be Modified?

When circumstances in life change and evolve, sometimes there is justification for a change in spousal or child support.

Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law, has been practicing in Arizona family courts since 1995. This longtime experience benefits you in that he knows the local courts and judges, and the factors that will prompt a judge to order a modification.

When you retain him as your lawyer, you can know that you have his experience on your side.

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In child support modification requests, either parent can ask for the change. It could be a decrease or increase in one parent's income prompting the change. Under Arizona law, parties can make the request if the guidelines would result in a 15 percent variation in support.

We can help you understand the calculations and how it would impact your argument for a modification. Whatever the circumstances, our firm understands you want what is best for your child. We will work toward the best outcome possible in your case.

In alimony or spousal support modifications, an income change could again justify a change. A new marriage also is a justified reason to stop payment of alimony.

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