Compassionate Guidance When Your Safety Is Threatened

Our firm has had experience in a wide variety of divorce cases throughout the decades we have been in practice. We know how to get you and your children the help you need in cases where domestic violence is involved.

If you or your children are victims of family violence, you need to seek safety and get a lawyer who understands your needs and Arizona courts. Domestic violence is terrifying, and the prospect of seeking shelter may also be daunting. We are here to help.

Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law, can help you take the steps to safety by filing for an order of protection during divorce proceedings.

What To Expect With An Order Of Protection

When you petition for an order of protection, the court will first give you a temporary order until your court date. The court will then determine whether or not it should uphold your order.

Sometimes orders of protection/restraining orders are requested as a form of revenge. You may feel like you have been wrongfully accused of abuse or would like to guard your time with your children. Our firm will take the time to fully understand your case, offering honest straightforward advice about your legal options and the best route to take to being in a better place with your family.

Retain An Attorney Who Truly Cares About Your Safety

Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law, can help you during this difficult time as you seek safety and end a marriage. Decades of experience can help determine the best legal options for your case. Call 480-947-5595 now for your free initial consultation at our firm in Phoenix at or send us an email.