A Collaborative Law Approach

Our firm doesn't believe in fighting simply to fight. Maybe you and your spouse are "on the same page" about the decision to divorce. If you want a dignified conclusion to your marriage, and soften the impact of the legal process on your children, you might want to consider collaborative law as a way to reach those goals.

Some attorneys might draw out a divorce process because it benefits them to run up the legal bills. That is not the case at our firm in Phoenix. We can help you work through an uncontested divorce in a cost-effective way.

We Prioritize The Needs Of You And Your Family

Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law, puts you and your family's needs first and foremost. Let's not view the other person as the enemy — let's try to work together for the benefit of the children. Our firm has decades of experience to help you work toward the desired outcomes as you divorce. Your future is our priority. We will answer your questions honestly. We will respect your wishes and give them the concern they deserve.

Our collaborative services encourage an atmosphere of cooperation that can free you of stress, and save you time and money. We can help you determine whether mediation might be a better choice given the circumstances of your case. But regardless of whether you go with mediation, we believe in approaching divorce and child custody cases not from an adversarial point of view but one working toward the best outcome.

Let's Work Together On A Solution For The Disagreements In Your Family

We know that if you have children, they are your number one concern. We want to help you work toward their best interest. Our experience can help you find effective divorce agreements to child custody, child support, alimony and property division under Arizona law.

We want to help you move toward a better future and have the skills to do so. Contact our lawyer at 480-947-5595 or send the firm an email.