Helping You Understand Child Support Determinations

The children of divorce, and the parents who look after them, deserve the financial support owed to them under Arizona law.

The state sets child support guidelines based on incomes of both parents, the cost of health insurance, parenting time, child care expenses and education costs. If the child is 12 or older, a judge could order support increased by 10 percent, according to the state's guidelines.

There are also cases where a parent's income could be withheld.

When Can Child Support Be Modified?

Has there been enough change to one parent's earnings that you believe could result in a child support modification? Either parent can request a change in child support if they believe circumstances should warrant a judge's consideration.

A parent who owes child support under a court determination must continue to do so until the child turns 18, in most cases.

Arizona guidelines are reviewed every four years. For the latest information, contact our experienced lawyer for easy-to-understand information about your case.

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