Fighting For The Best Interest Of The Child In Custody Issues

If you are divorcing, and feeling overwhelmed and confused as to your parental rights in custody and visitation legal matters under Arizona law, you can get the answers you need from Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law.

Our firm believes deeply in our state's commitment to "the best interest of the child." Every piece of advice we give, every honest answer we offer, and every strategy we recommend is based on that belief.

Don't Drag Our Your Divorce

You need a lawyer who has you and your children's concerns and needs at the forefront. A long court battle isn't necessarily the answer. We offer alternative solutions to help your family move forward.

If continuing disagreements over child custody, visitation, parenting time and parental responsibility are delaying the completion of your divorce, contact Steven E. Sufrin, Attorney at Law. Our caring law firm is a safe place to put your trust at this difficult time in your life.​

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We know the time with your children and their financial support are some of your most pressing concerns as your move through your divorce. We focus on a bright future for your family under the new circumstances.

Our firm does not believe in fighting simply to fight and forgetting about what will be the best solution for the children. We utilize whatever method possible to reach an effective resolution – mediation and collaborative law is a special interest at our firm.

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